Arrowtown festival 2015

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Arrowtown fall festival is held precisely at the immediate start of fall season in Queenstown New Zealand. The festival is hosted by the locals welcoming thousands of people around the globe.

Arrowtown is a historic gold mining town in the Otego region of the south island of New Zealand . Arrowtown is located on the banks of the arrow river approximately 5 km from State Highway 6. There is also road access directly to Queenstown via the Shotover George and a third route via the picturesque lake Hayes. The town is preserved for tourist attraction.


The gold was discovered in late 18th century, from that day onwards arrowtown has a very distinct significance. It’s just not known for its historic importance but the red and gold hues autumn season brings with it can only be witnessed in arrowtown. And not just that but also the interesting and fun events arranged for families and couples.

Some of the popular events are;

  • Ray white arrowtown street parade
  • Autumn festival church service
  • Pie and pint festival
  • Arts and crafts market
  • Street theatre with Adrian Kirk
  • Wallace and Gibbs arts 2 wear show

Other events include;

  • Quilt exhibition
  • NZ house and gardens tour
  • Iron run Queenstown

Watch the Buckingham street come to life with the ray white arrowtown parade. People all across the country becomes an active part of this parade. This parade is not to be missed at any cost.

Beers and pies! Pie and pint festival is a wish come true here at arrowtown. Enjoy the splendors of locally made gourmet pies paired with craft beers. Try matching your favorite beer with mouth-watering pies from local food stalls. A collection of world-class wines and non alcoholic drinks are available. In arts and craft event, you’ll experience some of the best New Zealand made products in a village style market. Live music and street food keeps our visitors entertained. The street theatre is the best part as the internationally known Adrian Kirk brings us entrainment you have never experienced before. We guarantee your visit again and again because every time he has something different to show.

All other events fold in the same manner. Every event completely unique from the other, something one doesn’t get to see on regular basis.

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