An A-Z guide of Queenstown, may lessen your doubts about your this year trip to Queenstown.

A-    Alpine aqua land:  alpine aqua land is based at the Queenstown events centre is a fantastic family centre for relaxing and having a great time with family and friends. If it perfect for people who want to enjoy indoor swimming and games.

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B-    Breakfast: a good country style breakfast is what we all crave for in our holidays. Waking up to fresh food is everyone’s dream. I’ve often heard many people complaining about not having a good breakfast meal. Brazz on the green is a great breakfast area where you would find amazing breakfast hjygplatters under $10.

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C-    Cheap and fun: activities here are relatively cheap but full of fun! Fearfactory, Caddyshack mini gold centre and million dollar cruise are prominent examples of the Queenstown fun activities under $50.

D-   Design your own jewelry: or build your own at the bead shop.

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E-     Exit Queenstown: and visit other places around the town. You may want to visit arrowtown in winters to enjoy the golden scarlet historical town activities and adventures

F-     Fregburger: well who doesn’t know about fregburgers? But now there is fregbakers too, discover freshly baked buns, pies and breads.

G-   Giant cookies: find great giant cookies at Cookie Time Cookie Bar.

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H-   High flying: well yes, I certainly mean paragliding and bungee jumping. Queenstown is surely known for its crazy fun adventures. Bob’s peak at skyline gondola is the best option for this heart thumping adventure.

I-       Ice arena- bars: for indoor snow lovers we bring them with snow-boarding and snow-skating experience at Queenstown ice arena.  Also witness ice made bars at Queenstown; you may want to pay a visit to the ice bar in summers for a cool drink and environment.

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J-      Join people; in local streets and festivals. Interact with the old residents to know the historical incidents of Queenstown and New Zealand.

K-    Kiwi wine:  taste the finest wineries and the most magnificent wines across the world.

L-     Looking out over Queenstown: if you are looking for a quite relaxing holiday, don’t worry! Queenstown is all about relaxations. Enjoy majestic sceneries and peaceful nights, tasty food and great liquor. Heli-sighting is a common practice to enjoy beautiful alpine resorts.

M- Movies: willing to catch a movie in the latest theaters? Catch new movies in our local cinemas.

N-   New Zealand arts and crafts: see the country’s traditional hand crafted goodies in different exhibitions and festivals around the country.

O-   On your bike:  hire a bike for a day and ride around Queenstown exploring the scenic beauties.

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P-    Prep yourself:  prep yourself after a long tiring day at one of our Queenstown finest spas.

Q-    Queenstown garden: only a couple of minutes walk from the downtown the garden has a mini-golf course and a lakeside view along with it. Perfect for picnics and small family gatherings!

R-    Rock it! Find yourself dancing on beats as the world famous bands hit Queenstown winter festival this year.

S-     Second hand books: find second hand original editions in Queenstown downtown markets. This is exclusively for all the books lovers out there.

T-     Thunder jet: have a thunder jet ride or water rafting for an extra punch to your adrenaline rush.

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U-   Unwind: for other exciting activities opt for paragliding or parachuting experience.

V-    Vudu café: there is nothing like our vudu café sensation. Opened throughout the whole week, the food and the service may put a strong spell on you.

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W- Williams cottage: the first house, with the best wood work back in 1864. The historical place is worth a visit.

X-    Xperience: experience the tranquility of Queenstown, the hospitality and beautiful sceneries I doubt you would’ve ever had!

Y-     You: it is all about you in Queenstown!

Z-     Zzzz: after a tiring day, visit us at hippolodge for =the best homely environment you can ever find at Queenstown!



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‘Winters are coming’ is a phrase we all are quite familiar with.  Who would want to miss GOTH for the world? But in Queenstown winters are ACTUALLY coming.  As soon as month of May starts, you could feel dense cool breeze brushing against your face like a soft velvety touch. After a scorching hide n seek play with sun, you would finally start loving the bright crisp sunrays illuminating your face with perks of happiness.



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Excitement doubles when you hear winter festival 2015 approaching. That’s right! The festival is starting with a bang this year, throwing irresistible joy and fun your way. This ‘winters’ (your summers), hippolodge backpackers invite you to their comfortable living and extraordinary divine Queenstown experience. But first, let’s have a sneak peak of the extravagant activities that will be organized throughout the season.

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Skiing and snowboarding: now if you leave Queenstown without a skiing experience, then I am sure you wasted your bucks on NOTHING! Skiing is the most celebrated sport of the winter time here at Queenstown. You see huge snowy peaks, yet you sigh because you can only see the majestic beauties but not play with the white fresh snow. But not in Queenstown! The four ski fields have great snow coverage and the conditions are perfect for people who love skiing regardless of age and skills.  For those of you, who are interested in a ‘guide’ to skiing from intermediate to advanced level, feel free to join the professionals on Cardrona Alpine resort these winters.

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Activities for non-skiers: not everyone is fond of snow, and we perfectly understand that. Therefore we have assembled couple of non-skiing activities for you and your family. Car races, heli-snowshoeing, sightseeing, bungee jumping, cycling, paragliding, water rafting you name it and we have it. Different dates are specified for each sport so that you can enjoy each sport without any difficulty.

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Cold foggy nightlife: Queenstown is known for outrageous parties and superb nightlife and the cold just makes it better. Socializing, cozy warm drinks, old historical stories circling the crowd; oh this makes your trip even more worthwhile.

The shopping, restaurants, parks and resorts just follow through once you are in the town. The sceneries are another treat for the eyes and soul. So make sure you don’t get to miss winters 2015 queenstown.


Food has always been tourist’s spotlight.

Whether it’s a short spring break or a long vacation, Queenstown would never disappoint you or your taste buds. People mostly know Queenstown for all sorts of adrenaline-rush activities and the best wineries. However, it is also widely known as a great food destination. We have been writing for Queenstown for a while now; the seasons, the sceneries, the towns, Queenstown specialties, we have talked about almost everything except the food. In this article, I am going to highlight certain real life Queenstown food experiences.



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FREGBURGER & FREGBAKER: if you are looking for thick juicy delicious burgers, then look no forward but fregburger only. Fresh, juicy and mouth-watering the burgers are heavy and filling. Fregburgers are genuinely one of the Queenstown specialties. You would always find long queue outside the restaurant but believe me the taste is worth the wait.


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Fregbakers is another treat just beside the fregburger area, offering delicious pies, tarts, pastries, fresh buns and breads. Some of the visitors there write about heart-warming pies and delicious bread and meat tastings. This is definitely one place you would not want to miss while on vacation.

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RATA: the Michelin awarded and master chef’s judge josh Emmet has come up with a new restaurant under his own name this time RATA. The food is mind-blowing surpassing the high expectations the visitors had. The interior is exceptionally beautiful with great food and service.

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Botswana butchery: one of the greatest places for steaks and meat, you would like to have their signature dishes. They serve perfect duck entrees with a wide range of sides. They are famous for their perfectly cooked beef cuts and tender meat bites.

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Wakatipu grill: situated in the helm of wakatipu hills, the breath-taking views of this restaurant would already leave you filled half. The food is extraordinary. It takes a 15 minute ride via helicopter to reach the restaurant.

The above mentioned places were just some of the highlights of Queenstown. There are so many good restaurants situated in central Queenstown alone, that it might take me whole day to tell about them. You can only experience such mouth-watering joy once you visit Queenstown and I promise you would not ever regret it.


Queenstown’s joy should be for everyone,

therefore we decided to show you some real life pictures shared by our happy visitors.

we know how frustrating and dry winters can be. they make you feel slow, dull and lazy. however queenstown can be ridiculously blood thumping even in winter season.


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and the beautiful views you  see are a plus!

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Lets peek into spring and see what spring offers us!

images (38)

the colors of spring are the most beautiful site you will ever see.

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summer has it’s own story to tell!

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as soon as the summers kick in, the adventures and all the fun starts in full swing!

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discover the best of nature and peace here at queenstown!

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QUEENSTOWN the land of beauty and nature’s pure bliss, appalling views and crisp fresh cool breeze. What is there to miss? One of the most beautiful seasons you would ever come across in Queenstown is no doubt spring! The majestic views and the bright sun just get even better. Our hippo lodgers situated in the middle of the Queenstown, gives you a wide speculation of this season. Last year this season brought way more than just joy and beautiful sceneries, you could witness people enjoying to their fullest in this refreshing season. All the activities held last year in spring were completely different to how Queenstown generally celebrates spring. With people coming from around the globe, Queenstown always try to come up with something more exciting and different from last time. Spring is that one season every individual loves whether in Queenstown or any other part of world. Therefore, here at Queenstown we bring you exciting adrenaline building activities. If you may have missed out last spring (November-December) then here is a quick review on how we spent our spring last year, so that you don’t miss it out this year.

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Things start with a JAZZFEST in the end of October; we find this the perfect way to welcome spring. This event started back in early 80’s; it offers almost 40 events with free tickets and loads of entertainment.

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Then comes the high-octane motorsport, the two day packed activity is way more amazing than anything you have ever witnessed. You would see some of the world’s finest and fastest drivers living their speed dreams, and believe me there is nothing more enjoyable to see them dart in dust and speed.
For those of you who are looking for a rush, then Queenstown annual marathon is the perfect option. Meeting new faces all gathered in one town exchanging good humor and talks is definitely heart warming.
Everyone loves water after long dry winters. Even though we keep you entertained in winters too, but warm waters are the best thing after such long harsh winters. Jet boating, motor rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping swimming and the cool cocktails you really do not want to miss this year spring.


The list doesn’t end here, national parks, rides and then night life and fine restaurants are what you can enjoy too. Here at Queenstown we assure to make you feel that you are living your big dream.


welcome to queenstown

It is almost that time of year, where you need to pile up all of your work and throw it into some invisible corner and fly off to some relaxing peaceful vacation. Queenstown is one of the most visited tourist resorts ever! And therefore we are going to tell you that why exactly on earth you should be coming to Queenstown.

personal welcome

Talking about vacations, what exactly pops up in your mind? Let me guess; a comfortable hostel, a friendly environment, fun-adventurous activities, delicious food and lots of shopping. If that’s so! Then believe me Queenstown is more than perfect for this year’s vacation.

We all know where Queenstown is and what the specialties are and what are the offers, what happens when and what it is known for what and etc. but why come to Queenstown?

Queenstown is a four season resort. Having four seasons’ means you are cordially invited to all four seasons of the year where you are treated discreetly each time. Winters is all about skiing and snow gaming, summers is all about water love and fancy cocktails, autumn is graciously welcomed by people of arrowstown and well who doesn’t love the hues of spring?

water love

Queenstown is an extremely peaceful town. You discover nature on each and every step while staying at Queenstown. Beautiful fields spreading over acres, every sight filling you with inner peace, Queenstown is a completely pollution free town. You would come across many wildlife activities and eco tours while at your stay here in Queenstown. Explore the extensive Queenstown majestic views, waterfalls, bird watching or just a guided walk tour. What is there to miss?


Queenstown is also an ideal conference and wedding resort. Queenstown offers a stunning alpine backdrop for your conference or wedding. Surrounded by mountains and set on the shores of beautiful lake there is no way you would want any other destination for your big day.

queenstown wedding

Other than these the shopping malls, wineries, restaurants, spas, fitness centers, education centers, family activities, festivals, galleries, music, sport activities, air adventures, fishing, lake views, flying and sightseeing are other attractions of Queenstown.




Visitors love to mess around with the snow when especially in Queenstown.  One of the favorite winter spots in New Zealand; it is also the most visited and favorite winter playground for people.

Famous for its skiing and snow activities, Queenstown invites people from all over the world to ski at the four ski fields; cardrona alpine resort, coronet peak, the remarkable and treble cone.

During the ski season, Queenstown caters skiers and snowboards all round the season from June to October. Hippo lodge being one of the central hostels in Queenstown makes your ski activities easier for you. The four ski fields are in an easy reach from our hostel. It is an exciting destination for your winter holiday. Whether you are arriving via plane, bus or cars, one cannot escape the majestic views of snow- capped mountains.


From beginners to the expert skiing sportsmen, all are welcomed and guided at our skiing fields. Queenstown has an advantage of having the winter season the longest in the southern hemisphere; therefore people from all over the globe visit it often (in their summer but our winter holidays). Ski passes can be bought from any nearby market area, but for instance if someone couldn’t manage to buy it on time, they could buy after they have reached to their skiing destination. Passes can be bought from a single day to season skiing allowing our visitors to unlimited sport fun.

Helisking is another exciting and blood pumping activity done here. Queenstown has an easy flying distance, offering one of the best heli-skiing and heli-boarding routes. Snowboarding is offered at Queenstown with professional trainees to guide our beginners. The scenery during skiing and other sports is as remarkable as the sport itself. Just if you are not in the mood for any kind of adrenaline rush activity, you can simply accompany a guided tour to the beautiful mountains and lakes around our resort, or opt for a snowmobile tour. Ice-skating, ice-climbing and tubing is other possible substitutes if you aren’t a ski person.

qt-physio-home-02Winter festivals are arranged throughout the reason, from art and crafts to international sport races, everything is done spectacularly. Celebrate your winter with ten day of extravagant Queenstown annual winter festival which mesmerizes thousands of visitors each year.

Our Queenstown certainly is a snow lover’s paradise.

Queenstown fun



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Arrowtown festival 2015

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Arrowtown fall festival is held precisely at the immediate start of fall season in Queenstown New Zealand. The festival is hosted by the locals welcoming thousands of people around the globe.

Arrowtown is a historic gold mining town in the Otego region of the south island of New Zealand . Arrowtown is located on the banks of the arrow river approximately 5 km from State Highway 6. There is also road access directly to Queenstown via the Shotover George and a third route via the picturesque lake Hayes. The town is preserved for tourist attraction.


The gold was discovered in late 18th century, from that day onwards arrowtown has a very distinct significance. It’s just not known for its historic importance but the red and gold hues autumn season brings with it can only be witnessed in arrowtown. And not just that but also the interesting and fun events arranged for families and couples.

Some of the popular events are;

  • Ray white arrowtown street parade
  • Autumn festival church service
  • Pie and pint festival
  • Arts and crafts market
  • Street theatre with Adrian Kirk
  • Wallace and Gibbs arts 2 wear show

Other events include;

  • Quilt exhibition
  • NZ house and gardens tour
  • Iron run Queenstown

Watch the Buckingham street come to life with the ray white arrowtown parade. People all across the country becomes an active part of this parade. This parade is not to be missed at any cost.

Beers and pies! Pie and pint festival is a wish come true here at arrowtown. Enjoy the splendors of locally made gourmet pies paired with craft beers. Try matching your favorite beer with mouth-watering pies from local food stalls. A collection of world-class wines and non alcoholic drinks are available. In arts and craft event, you’ll experience some of the best New Zealand made products in a village style market. Live music and street food keeps our visitors entertained. The street theatre is the best part as the internationally known Adrian Kirk brings us entrainment you have never experienced before. We guarantee your visit again and again because every time he has something different to show.

All other events fold in the same manner. Every event completely unique from the other, something one doesn’t get to see on regular basis.

Life in Queenstown

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Queenstown is no doubt, one of the most favorite visitor’s destinations. The town is always heated up with visitors, throughout the year. Life here is full of joy, every sunrise bringing something new with it.

As soon as you land at the airport, you would definitely tap your shoulder in admiration for making Queenstown resort as your holiday destination. The breath-taking sceneries are phenomenal. Whether you are planning for a long-term stay, or just a short stay, our hostel can guarantee your comfort.

Life here is full of adventures. Starting from sunrise till sunset every moment is perfectly admiring and breath taking. It’s just not the fun life, but Queenstown is home to many people too.

images (14)

The activities and tourism, has boasted the employment rate, allowing a lot of people to earn themselves a good amount and get over the bread line. Queenstown is the place, where there is always a rush; no matter what season of the year you come there is always something new happening.

Apart from the adrenaline-rush activities, Queenstown also offer a very peaceful exquisite life. The scenery is one thing to consider but the warmth welcome is another. If hardcore adventure isn’t your thing, there are plenty of mellow options available. Experience one of the many walking and hiking trails, sightseeing tours or indulge yourself with spa treatments, boutique shopping and excellent food and wine.

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Queenstown life is renowned due to its four distinctive seasons. The icy cold winters with clear skies and beautiful snow-capped mountains, whereas with summers offering the most energetic sun shines, and beautiful scarlet hues with golden like autumns. Every season has its own seasonal activities. If you are visiting during the winter season then hit for the icy slopes to go for skiing or snowboarding. Springs mostly are more like an extension of snow covered areas just a bit more warm. Summers who would like to miss out our exotic summer? Go for bungee, paragliding, hiking, biking, water rafting and much more. And offcourse no one could miss out or arrowtown autumn festival.

This year challenge yourself to push your own limits. Become an active part of our Queenstown life for staggering and heart-thumping thrills!

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