QUEENSTOWN just doesn’t have to offer in winters, being a four season glee; Queenstown offers the most beautiful views and tours. images (4) Queenstown is linked to only few towns; glenorchy, arrow town, cardrona, Cromwell, Kingstown are the towns linked via road. Drives to these towns’ offers the most poetic scenery one has ever seen. Hippo lodge backpackers being the central hostel of Queenstown gives you an easy access to the areas or town you would want to tour around. gl3 DRIVE TO GLENORCHY: situated on a 45 minute drive, the road trip from Queenstown to glenorchy lets you look deep into the beauty of lake and mountains around. Surrounded by Lake Wakatipu this road tour gives you a calm and serene feeling throughout your journey. While on a long journey one could stop and relax or does a lakeside walk such as bobs clove walk. While driving you may get to see white snowy mountains, depending on the season you choose for your Queenstown scenic drive (winters and springs are the best seasons to view snowy peaks). Glenorchy holds historic significance to its alpine forests too, today the town has launched walk in spots, horse trekking and jet boat adventures for tourist attraction. Traveling up the glenorchy is paradise (initially named after its beautiful views), which you would certainly want to tour while staying in Queenstown hippo lodge backpackers. Ski field area is available throughout the year.


DRIVE TO CARDRONA: cardrona is situated in valley therefore one can only witness not much scenery but only tress. However, the cordrona ski field provides the most impressive snowy mountain views and overall an amazing tour. DRIVE TO ARROWTOWN AND CROMWELL: the tour to both of these towns is not very extraordinary. But nevertheless, arrowtown has to offer the autumn festival in autumn season also you can visit lake Hayes while going to arrowtown whereas; you can enjoy the roadside tour ROARING MEG’ when travelling from Queenstown to Cromwell. New Zealand known for its filming of the famous Oscar winning trilogy THE LORD OF THE RINGS, many areas could be seen which were a significant part of the  film for example,  on your tour from Queenstown to glenorchy you could see the’ fortress of isengard’.

Not only this, but drives from Queenstown to places like Milford sound, Christchurch, mount cook, te anau and Dunedin reveals the most beautiful sceneries you have ever come across.

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