Stunned by how breath-taking the views are, most people waste their holiday time either planning their planners or utilizing it in a very irrelevant manner. You do not get to spend your time and money at such beautiful places every year. Therefore here at hippolodg we try our best to not just treat our visitors with a comfortable, homely environment but also provide a little guide about Queenstown New Zealand

HIKING: it is the very first initiative every visitor would love, or in your case if you do not know where to start from, assuredly it’s hiking. There are many tracks in and around Queenstown, along the lakeshores or just simple strolls.

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BUNGEE: bungee jumping is the worlds’ most adventurous and courageous task to do. You cannot come to Queenstown New Zealand and simply miss the heart-thumping adventure. You don’t have to do it; even just watching can heat up your blood with excitement.

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RIDE IT: cycling isn’t that bad either. If you aren’t in the mood for the walk, that is perfectly fine, cycling around the area is a fun activity itself.

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WATER LOVE: either go for jet boating or white water rafting, both are equally exciting activities. The waterways around Queenstown New Zealand are so immaculate, revealing even more amazing sceneries.

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WINERY: visit one of the best wine harvests in world, in Queenstown New Zealand, south Otego.

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FREG BURGERS: have one of the best burger bites in Queenstown New Zealand after a long tiring day.

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ARROWTOWN: gold mines were discovered in late 18th century here at arrowtown.  Arrowtown has a lot interesting to offer when it comes to the cafés and shops around the area.

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THE NIGHT LIFE: you have definitely earned yourself a party-time after a hectic day out. Bars, cafeterias, food stalls, everything within an easy reach from central Queenstown New Zealand.

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SPAS AND SHOPPING SPREE: splurge yourselves in one of many Queenstown day spas for relaxations after an entire week of hustle. Oh! Shopping is a MUST, ladies certainly could not get pass our big shopping malls, or even small stalls.

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The list doesn’t end here; there are so many things to do in Queenstown, Skiing, gliding, sightseeing, trekking, national parks, Queenstown gardens etc. The fun part is that every season brings its own bundle of exciting activities. Throughout the year, no matter which season you visit us, every day has something new to offer you.


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