Food has always been tourist’s spotlight.

Whether it’s a short spring break or a long vacation, Queenstown would never disappoint you or your taste buds. People mostly know Queenstown for all sorts of adrenaline-rush activities and the best wineries. However, it is also widely known as a great food destination. We have been writing for Queenstown for a while now; the seasons, the sceneries, the towns, Queenstown specialties, we have talked about almost everything except the food. In this article, I am going to highlight certain real life Queenstown food experiences.



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FREGBURGER & FREGBAKER: if you are looking for thick juicy delicious burgers, then look no forward but fregburger only. Fresh, juicy and mouth-watering the burgers are heavy and filling. Fregburgers are genuinely one of the Queenstown specialties. You would always find long queue outside the restaurant but believe me the taste is worth the wait.


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Fregbakers is another treat just beside the fregburger area, offering delicious pies, tarts, pastries, fresh buns and breads. Some of the visitors there write about heart-warming pies and delicious bread and meat tastings. This is definitely one place you would not want to miss while on vacation.

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RATA: the Michelin awarded and master chef’s judge josh Emmet has come up with a new restaurant under his own name this time RATA. The food is mind-blowing surpassing the high expectations the visitors had. The interior is exceptionally beautiful with great food and service.

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Botswana butchery: one of the greatest places for steaks and meat, you would like to have their signature dishes. They serve perfect duck entrees with a wide range of sides. They are famous for their perfectly cooked beef cuts and tender meat bites.

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Wakatipu grill: situated in the helm of wakatipu hills, the breath-taking views of this restaurant would already leave you filled half. The food is extraordinary. It takes a 15 minute ride via helicopter to reach the restaurant.

The above mentioned places were just some of the highlights of Queenstown. There are so many good restaurants situated in central Queenstown alone, that it might take me whole day to tell about them. You can only experience such mouth-watering joy once you visit Queenstown and I promise you would not ever regret it.

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