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QUEENSTOWN the land of beauty and nature’s pure bliss, appalling views and crisp fresh cool breeze. What is there to miss? One of the most beautiful seasons you would ever come across in Queenstown is no doubt spring! The majestic views and the bright sun just get even better. Our hippo lodgers situated in the middle of the Queenstown, gives you a wide speculation of this season. Last year this season brought way more than just joy and beautiful sceneries, you could witness people enjoying to their fullest in this refreshing season. All the activities held last year in spring were completely different to how Queenstown generally celebrates spring. With people coming from around the globe, Queenstown always try to come up with something more exciting and different from last time. Spring is that one season every individual loves whether in Queenstown or any other part of world. Therefore, here at Queenstown we bring you exciting adrenaline building activities. If you may have missed out last spring (November-December) then here is a quick review on how we spent our spring last year, so that you don’t miss it out this year.

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Things start with a JAZZFEST in the end of October; we find this the perfect way to welcome spring. This event started back in early 80’s; it offers almost 40 events with free tickets and loads of entertainment.

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Then comes the high-octane motorsport, the two day packed activity is way more amazing than anything you have ever witnessed. You would see some of the world’s finest and fastest drivers living their speed dreams, and believe me there is nothing more enjoyable to see them dart in dust and speed.
For those of you who are looking for a rush, then Queenstown annual marathon is the perfect option. Meeting new faces all gathered in one town exchanging good humor and talks is definitely heart warming.
Everyone loves water after long dry winters. Even though we keep you entertained in winters too, but warm waters are the best thing after such long harsh winters. Jet boating, motor rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping swimming and the cool cocktails you really do not want to miss this year spring.


The list doesn’t end here, national parks, rides and then night life and fine restaurants are what you can enjoy too. Here at Queenstown we assure to make you feel that you are living your big dream.

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