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‘Winters are coming’ is a phrase we all are quite familiar with.  Who would want to miss GOTH for the world? But in Queenstown winters are ACTUALLY coming.  As soon as month of May starts, you could feel dense cool breeze brushing against your face like a soft velvety touch. After a scorching hide n seek play with sun, you would finally start loving the bright crisp sunrays illuminating your face with perks of happiness.



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Excitement doubles when you hear winter festival 2015 approaching. That’s right! The festival is starting with a bang this year, throwing irresistible joy and fun your way. This ‘winters’ (your summers), hippolodge backpackers invite you to their comfortable living and extraordinary divine Queenstown experience. But first, let’s have a sneak peak of the extravagant activities that will be organized throughout the season.

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Skiing and snowboarding: now if you leave Queenstown without a skiing experience, then I am sure you wasted your bucks on NOTHING! Skiing is the most celebrated sport of the winter time here at Queenstown. You see huge snowy peaks, yet you sigh because you can only see the majestic beauties but not play with the white fresh snow. But not in Queenstown! The four ski fields have great snow coverage and the conditions are perfect for people who love skiing regardless of age and skills.  For those of you, who are interested in a ‘guide’ to skiing from intermediate to advanced level, feel free to join the professionals on Cardrona Alpine resort these winters.

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Activities for non-skiers: not everyone is fond of snow, and we perfectly understand that. Therefore we have assembled couple of non-skiing activities for you and your family. Car races, heli-snowshoeing, sightseeing, bungee jumping, cycling, paragliding, water rafting you name it and we have it. Different dates are specified for each sport so that you can enjoy each sport without any difficulty.

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Cold foggy nightlife: Queenstown is known for outrageous parties and superb nightlife and the cold just makes it better. Socializing, cozy warm drinks, old historical stories circling the crowd; oh this makes your trip even more worthwhile.

The shopping, restaurants, parks and resorts just follow through once you are in the town. The sceneries are another treat for the eyes and soul. So make sure you don’t get to miss winters 2015 queenstown.

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