An A-Z guide of Queenstown, may lessen your doubts about your this year trip to Queenstown.

A-    Alpine aqua land:  alpine aqua land is based at the Queenstown events centre is a fantastic family centre for relaxing and having a great time with family and friends. If it perfect for people who want to enjoy indoor swimming and games.

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B-    Breakfast: a good country style breakfast is what we all crave for in our holidays. Waking up to fresh food is everyone’s dream. I’ve often heard many people complaining about not having a good breakfast meal. Brazz on the green is a great breakfast area where you would find amazing breakfast hjygplatters under $10.

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C-    Cheap and fun: activities here are relatively cheap but full of fun! Fearfactory, Caddyshack mini gold centre and million dollar cruise are prominent examples of the Queenstown fun activities under $50.

D-   Design your own jewelry: or build your own at the bead shop.

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E-     Exit Queenstown: and visit other places around the town. You may want to visit arrowtown in winters to enjoy the golden scarlet historical town activities and adventures

F-     Fregburger: well who doesn’t know about fregburgers? But now there is fregbakers too, discover freshly baked buns, pies and breads.

G-   Giant cookies: find great giant cookies at Cookie Time Cookie Bar.

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H-   High flying: well yes, I certainly mean paragliding and bungee jumping. Queenstown is surely known for its crazy fun adventures. Bob’s peak at skyline gondola is the best option for this heart thumping adventure.

I-       Ice arena- bars: for indoor snow lovers we bring them with snow-boarding and snow-skating experience at Queenstown ice arena.  Also witness ice made bars at Queenstown; you may want to pay a visit to the ice bar in summers for a cool drink and environment.

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J-      Join people; in local streets and festivals. Interact with the old residents to know the historical incidents of Queenstown and New Zealand.

K-    Kiwi wine:  taste the finest wineries and the most magnificent wines across the world.

L-     Looking out over Queenstown: if you are looking for a quite relaxing holiday, don’t worry! Queenstown is all about relaxations. Enjoy majestic sceneries and peaceful nights, tasty food and great liquor. Heli-sighting is a common practice to enjoy beautiful alpine resorts.

M- Movies: willing to catch a movie in the latest theaters? Catch new movies in our local cinemas.

N-   New Zealand arts and crafts: see the country’s traditional hand crafted goodies in different exhibitions and festivals around the country.

O-   On your bike:  hire a bike for a day and ride around Queenstown exploring the scenic beauties.

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P-    Prep yourself:  prep yourself after a long tiring day at one of our Queenstown finest spas.

Q-    Queenstown garden: only a couple of minutes walk from the downtown the garden has a mini-golf course and a lakeside view along with it. Perfect for picnics and small family gatherings!

R-    Rock it! Find yourself dancing on beats as the world famous bands hit Queenstown winter festival this year.

S-     Second hand books: find second hand original editions in Queenstown downtown markets. This is exclusively for all the books lovers out there.

T-     Thunder jet: have a thunder jet ride or water rafting for an extra punch to your adrenaline rush.

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U-   Unwind: for other exciting activities opt for paragliding or parachuting experience.

V-    Vudu café: there is nothing like our vudu café sensation. Opened throughout the whole week, the food and the service may put a strong spell on you.

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W- Williams cottage: the first house, with the best wood work back in 1864. The historical place is worth a visit.

X-    Xperience: experience the tranquility of Queenstown, the hospitality and beautiful sceneries I doubt you would’ve ever had!

Y-     You: it is all about you in Queenstown!

Z-     Zzzz: after a tiring day, visit us at hippolodge for =the best homely environment you can ever find at Queenstown!

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